I do watch some of the Haute Couture shows that are shown in Paris in the beginning of the year. One of the designer in my “to watch” –list is Jean Paul Gaultier. I do like his feminine design, and his way to be able to change the look of his clothing but still keep the Gaultier signature in them. For this year collection he has used butterflies as an inspiration and the results are beautiful… Who would not like butterflies? :)

One of the Finnish design brand has also used butterflies for their inspiration, their first print was based on the butterflies and the brand is also named after it. The brand is called Cho Cho which means butterfly in Japanese (Cho). The brand started with the hand printed fabric bags and purses but now their main products are the leather bags. I really like the different colours they use in their products and I must admit that even I am not such a big fan of prints their butterfly print is cute :)

Below you can find some pictures of their products, if you want to see more click here. Unfortunately their internet site is mainly in Finnish, but if you have any questions related to their products, you can contact the designer Kirsi Päiväniemi (kirsi.paivaniemi@gmail.com). 
Not that I really need new handbags, but I would not mind to have these two.
As the slogan of the Cho Cho says: 
"Never too many"
Wishing you a really nice Sunday,


Please note the pictures belong to Cho Cho.