Sorry for being absent for a while! I have been travelling, having visitors, visited a wedding and most of all, worked too much…

Oh well, as the summer is now finally really approaching, I thought it would be nice to look into some dresses, as you can’t never have too many dresses for summer :)

You may remember in my last post I talked about Tohono and some nice jewellery they have done, and as they have really nice dresses too, I thought they deserve their own post.

Well first of all few words about the Tohono itself... The Tohono was established in 2011 by two designers Anna Talvi and Nadia Kuu. Their designs are mix of romantics, gothics and modernity. Maybe that's why they mainly use only black, red and white colours. Their main material is a high-quality and eco-friendly reindeer leather and they use quite lot of laces too.

I may not be the one wearing gothic style clothing, but they have something in their design that I do like. Below you can see some examples… If you want to see more, click here.
I do think that the Baron belt (with the White Swan dress) looks really nice too, but unfortunately was not able to find more information about it. As I have few outfits which  would really need a belt like that!

What do you think about their mixed design of Gothic, romantic and modern? Would you wear it?

Wishing you a really nice start of the summer!

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Tohono