I would say that I’m definitely more bag than shoe person, but never the less I need to buy shoes once in a while too and maybe few times between ;) Anyway, the plan was to find new pair of ballerinas from Finland and at the same time keep an eye of the sneakers, since the old ones gave up already few months ago. I do have pair of Converse, but I was after sneakers which are really nice and soft and something else than Converse as everyone has a pair...

When we visited the Pop-up shop Pläkä ( my husband noticed sneakers from Karhu (bear in Finnish). Karhu has been doing sport stuff since 1916. 

They original logo for Karhu was three stripes which they then sold to Adidas on price of two bottles of whiskey and 1600,- € ( I really hope the whiskey was good! :)

The sneaker we looked at where called Albatros and they were originally launched in 1980s and seems to be they are doing comeback now, which does not really surprise me as they are really comfortable! 

Unfortunately Pläkä did not have a correct size for my husband so he ended up ordering his from Karhu online shop ( I found mine from Design Forum Finland shop (, they also sell items from different designers, for example from Emmi Malmström

It took for a while my husband to get his shoes because of the midsummer break they had in Finland (or Sweden as the shoes were sent from there), but they are finally here and we are both ready to try out our new cool sneakers ;) Unfortunately the picture below does not show the orange colour properly... It is really orange! :)
If you would wear Karhu Albatros sneakers, which colour would you go for?
Oh and the customer service in Pläkä and Design Forum Finland was brilliant! They were really nice and helpful in both places, tho maybe Pläkä was little bit better... 

Not like the OVVM shop which also sells items from different designers... Huh, I would not go there again, as it is amazing how much more important the laptop was to the shop keeper instead of serving customers...

I did find beautiful ballerinas for myself too and more about them in the next post :)

Cheers for now,

Please note that the pictures of the Albatros sneakers belong to Karhu. Except the one taken with the box ;) All the shop pictures are taken by me.

We just came back from our five day Finland holiday and it seems to be that older I get the harder it is to leave the country... Maybe it is because of the family or because of the beautiful shops they have in there... ;) Did I buy stuff? Oh, I did indeed, not too much, but found some beautiful pieces to take home with me. And the best thing was that the sale just started! :)
One of the shops I visited is called Paloni ( and they sell pieces from 80 independent Finnish designers, so if you are planning to go to Helsinki and want to check out the Finnish designers this is definitely one of the places to go! And the service in the shop was just excellent! :) 

One of the labels found from the shop is called First Crush ( Their latest collection is called “Sky is not blue” and you can find few pictures of the clothing and accessories/bags from the collection below.
The main material they use for the clothing is used men shirts and for accessories and bags they use old maps, old magazines etc.  So they are definitely very ecological brand!
And what did I buy? Well, I really liked the white Satu tunic and was not able to leave the shop without it... I just love the sleeves on that shirt... :)

What do you think about First Crush? Is there anything in their collection you like?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures in this post belong to First Crush.

If I go out of the door and I don’t have one with me, I feel naked, I feel like something is missing... I guess you know what I’m talking about – a handbag. It usually has everything I need, except if I have changed it in a hurry. Then most probably half of the stuff I really need is in the handbag that is at home... Sometimes it may be the wallet (and then of course I will be checked for my ticket in a metro), sometimes just a lip balm, but whatever it is, I will for sure need it! Anyway going back to the topic... Handbags, I really like handbags :) I don’t have too many of them (unless if you ask from my husband) and I don’t buy them too often, but when I see the one I want, basically nothing can stop me (except the price once in a while...). 

The Lumi (Finnish word for snow, ) designs bags, luggage and accessories. Lumi believes in consuming less but better and they are inspired by everyday life. They have released some pictures of the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, which will be available in August. The collection was inspired by Helsinki, its architecture, nature and northern charm. Unfortunately their homepage is down at the moment, so I don’t know if there will be more products in the collection than the ones shown in the picture below. I hope to find out more about the small black clutch type of handbag...

If you don’t want to wait until August, you could check out their onlineshop: Personally I would go for the James Business bag special... I first saw the royal blue colour, but then found the one which is partly made from cork! Wow.... I have been looking for a cool laptop bag for a while now and I think I finally found it! :) 
What do you think? Don’t you think your laptop deserves a cool bag?! ;)


Please note that the pictures in this post belong to Lumi.

Some years back Travel Association Board of Finland made a study all around Europe about what kind of picture or view the tourists have about Finland. The people who had not travelled to Finland mentioned darkness, long winter, cold and snow. So the thoughts from Finland were directly related to the winter. It would have been interesting to know what they think about Finnish summer... Would they have guessed how hot can it be in there? Especially this May... Finland has had a heat wave while middle Europe has been suffering from the very cold and rainy May...

In my thesis I asked people taking part of the survey to explain in few words what the Finnish fashion will bring in their mind. I was expecting to see something related to the winter and dark, but most of the answers mentioned colours, huge patterns, clean lines and new fashion trends. And I think that is a really good way of saying what the Finnish fashion really is about :)

As the summer is coming, also to rest of the Europe, I want to introduce some colours and patterns. Summer 2013 collection “Changing patterns” from Samuji  ( it’s about both of them (please note all the pictures in this post belong to Samuji). 

Samuji describes their design as simple functionality, a love of necessary things and kindness :). They do really nice every day clothing as well as shoes and accessories. I must admit that I also like the fact that their face for the Summer 2013 collection is a woman with curves! She is well known Finnish model Ninja Sarasalo.

If I would have any extra money to spare, there are few things I would not mind to get from Samuji... 

These loafers (  

What do you think? Is there anything you like?






We did some shopping with my husband yesterday and as always there are people with small stands around the city centre asking you to take part of the charity they belong to. In matter of fact there are so many that needs help, how can you choose which to support? Especially when you don’t have too much money to spare... I usually buy my Christmas cards from Unicef, give money to Salvation Army Christmas pot and buy new pink ribbon every year. It is not much, but at least I feel like I’m doing something.

Shoe designer Emmi Malmström ( did also give her share to the charity, as she gave pairs of her shoes to the charity action that supports young people with problems and their families.  What could be a better way to do charity than that?

Emmi’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection can be said to have really nice spring colours! :) When she was designing the collection, she was thinking about women that would like to wear her shoes every day (and of course in the parties too!). She wanted women to be able to feel self confident and beautiful in her shoes and if you check out the shoes, 

I know I would in these ones  for sure! What do you think?
Emmi also does some leather jewellery and if you keep scrolling down on her blog page (, you will see them there. I really liked the leather bow tie she has done to for guys (and girls) :) 

Please note that all the pictures in this post belongs to shoe designer Emmi Malmström.