I don’t drink coffee at all. For me the best way to start a morning is to have a cup of strong tea with honey. It does really wake you up nicely :) I think I can confess to be a tea addict, as I do drink it lot! I have always drank tea, but since doing my studies I have had a habit of drinking it closer to six-seven cups a day and I see no reason why stop ;) Although I had to stop that habit, since using teabags from Ireland, as I can’t sleep then during the night. They really do give you a nice caffeine kick :)

I also think that drinking tea during the summer does help you to handle the hear better, or maybe then I just us it as an excuse to have one more cup of tea ;)

Poola Kataryna says that her products are designed for those who love bicycle adventures on midsummer nights, weird daydreams and having a cup of tea in a bubble bath. So as I tea lover (never had it in a bubble bath tho, need to try that...) I thought it to be a sign that items from this designer are definitely made for me ;)

The collection for S/S 2013 is called Lagoon and it was inspired by sirens, mermaids and underwater world.

You can find more pictures of the collection in here.

I really like the plankton dress, the small colourful fabric pompoms do really make it look like different colour of planktons swimming around you. Oh and the plankton hat?! Perfect for the day in beach! Now I just need the day in beach.... ;)

When I was in Finland I did try the Sweetheart top, as I like the cutting of the fabric and the layers, but unfortunately it did not look as good on me as it looked on the hanger :(

Poola Kataryna also does jewellery and accessories and below you can see some of the items.

My favourites are the Sweetheart earrings (the volume, the colour and the hearts) and the Ink plot necklace as who can say no to a beautiful statement necklace!

What do you think about Poola Kataryna?

Cheers for now,

Please note the pictures belong to Poola Kataryna

I love travelling! It does not matter if the destination is new or old I just like the idea of going somewhere and discovering new things... But before you do travel, you need to pack your bags and that is not always easy. Especially when travelling with a plane you have to keep in mind the weight limit, as you don’t want to pay for extra kilos (rather save the money to shopping ;) )... You don’t want to pack anything extra, but then you don’t want to pack too few clothes either.   

In few months time (heh, I’m already planning what to take with me now) we will first travel to UK for special occasion and then directly to Ireland for even more special occasion which means I need to have two fancy dresses with me plus then of course shoes and normal clothing two... Huh, not sure how I will manage that without secretly using space from my husband’s bag too...

It may be that designer Sveta Planman has a solution for my problem. She established a brand called Jolier in 2008 and the key concept of the brand is transformatibility – Two in One idea. What does it then mean? It means that every piece in Jolier collection is either transformable, where you can change the form of the piece or reversible where you have different colours in both sides. I find her concept really interesting and the designs are timeless really, so it would not be a bad investment.

The dresses are divided between transformable and reversible ones. You can also find skirts and shirts from the transformable collection.

Here are first some of the transformable ones....
And then some reversible...
Jolier also provides a garment called Jolier One. It seems to be you can wear one thing in 56 different ways. I bougth something similar few years back (not from Jolier though) and I must admit I do use the thing only one way, as I already lost the instructions how to change the look :)

And what would I go for? Well, I think the transformable dress Emma would be mine choice. I like that you can change the dress from pencil to wider one. Only thing is that I would like to have a lighter colour, but not sure if there is any available.
What about you? Do you like Jolier's idea?

Cheers for now,

Please note the pictures belong to Jolier.
Shopping can be a stressful thing to do. Yesterday I spend few hours trying to find a nice skirt and pair of shorts for the summer time and after trying numerous version of both of them, I came out from them shop with just a one skirt (and headache). It is frustrating to try clothing when you think you know your size and then when you try them on, you notice the size is too small. And doing that in a changing room you share with ten other women (one big room, instead small cubicles) it was not nice at all... So not only did I underestimate my own size (I blame the different labels ;) ) but also doing that in the full packed changing room was not nice… When I got home, I was definitely not a happy bunny! Shopping should be fun!

Have you experienced something like this? How did you overcome the unhappiness it caused?

I like funny things (laugh is always good cure for almost everything) and when I saw a video from Haldin about what their clothing, I could not do anything else than laugh :) I really, really like it when I see that not everyone takes fashion seriously. 

Haldin is a design company set up by a Swedish dude and a Finnish lady and you can see from their website how they have included humour to their design by just reading the story of them. What else can you say when you see this: “The company was born from the crossing of paths of a handsome Swedish banker and a Finnish design student with beautiful toes.”

Their designs are full of prints and colours and it looks fun. This clothing is definitely not for serious people... ;) Here are few examples from their F/W 2013 collection. Unfortunately they have changed their internet page since I last visited it and their clothing does not have names anymore, which is a shame as the funny names were like a spot on to their designs.

In their special project collection they have a really funny shirt, which I would not have mind to have. I can only imagine myself plaiting the zebra tail when stressing about something... Would be a perfect stress toy :)
Wishing you a really nice and relaxing weekend... :)

Cheers for now,

P.S. Maybe the onlineshopping could be an answer in here, like Zalando, Net-a-Porter... ;)

Please note the video and the pictures in this post belong to Haldin.
Once in a while you see articles about people who usually does not design shoes, but then they will take part for some charity thing or something like that and then the outcome is usually a special shoe. As an example in Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2356649/Architect-Zaha-Hadid-creates-1-300-high-heels-chrome-fibre-glass.htmlarchitect Zaha Hadid (http://www.zaha-hadid.com/) did shoes for architecture-bourne shoe brand United Nude (http://www.unitednude.com). 
The shoe casing is made of metallic chromed vinyl rubber, while the heel and platform is crafted from fibreglass and inside they are lined with fine kid leather. And to top of it all they are really expensive...  I understand the interesting design and the materials, but shouldn’t you have shoes which are comfortable to wear? Of course can be that these shoes are made just to be looked at like an art, but why not have beautiful shoes that you could also wear? 

One night in Helsinki when we were heading back to the hotel from excellent Russian restaurant Šašlik (thanks Sonja for the recommendation!) we passed the shop of designer Marita Huurinainen (http://maritadesign.com).
And I must admit that I was speechless for a moment, because the design and the way she has used the wood in those shoes is just amazing... I can totally understand that she has received awards for the design (http://maritadesign.com/story/)! If I compare these shoes to the ones made by the architect, guess which ones looks more usable for me... So I guess you don't need to be an architect to be able to do beautiful shaped shoes (matter of taste again, I guess) ;)

Marita’s shoe concept is called Wave and she describes it as a beautiful, elegant, light and comfortable summer shoe. 

Selecting my favourite from her shoes is not easy, but if I try to think what kind of shoe I would mostly need at the moment, I would go for the Luoto model. You can’t ever have too many flip-flops and the colour of the surface (rosewood) is just beautiful (I have a soft spot for the dark wood).

Hmmm, I wonder if she is planning to make handbags.... ;)

What do you think about the Wave shoes?

Cheers for now,

Please note that the picture of the metallic shoes belongs to United Nude, the pictures of the Wave shoes to Marita Huurinainen and the rest to me.

P.S. I had my birthday last week and guess what I got from my (excellent) husband.... As a hint, they are blue, they have wings and they are ballerinas ;)

Did you know that the history of the ballerinas started already in 16th century? And at the time also men wear them (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballet_flat)? Heh, I can only imagine my husband wearing them! That would be so funny :)

I wear ballerinas lot. They are perfect summer shoes, you just slip them on and off you go! And when you have the perfect pair of ballerinas, you wear them until they are falling apart and someone perhaps mentions to you that a new pair would not be a bad idea... So when walking around Helsinki I did keep my eyes open for the new pair, but I guess my mind kept rejecting everything, as it knew that there is one shop that great shoes and from there I would most probably find what I was looking for... And that was the case...

Minna Parikka is my number one shoe designer (http://minnaparikka.com/)! I like the way she mixes colours with feminine design... 
She says “My designs are almost like love letters from one high heel shoe lover to another. Allow yourself to be playful and let a pair lead you to new adventures. Life is too short to take style too seriously”. Her designs has been seen for example in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar. I remember seing her shoes in Zalando.de some years back, but unfortunately they are not there anymore.
Minna Parikka S/S 2013 collection is called “Color outside the lines”. I don’t like all the new designs she has done, but there are few gems in there for sure. I guess it is just a matter of taste in the end :) Here are few examples from the collection:
Minna Parikka does not only design shoes but scarves, gloves and handbags too. I do like her gloves, but have not found "the handbag" from her yet...
And the ballerinas I end up buying? Well, I needed to think quite long between these two models, but in the end I went for the black ones.
I first thought the ears in the ballerinas were bunny ears, but while in the shop I was shown the bunny ones (longer ears, like in Angora shoes) and the cat ones (shorter ears, like in Pfeiffer shoes). So mine are the ones with shorter ears...

Here are my cats after outing in Biergarden :)

Cheers for now,

Please note that the pictures of shoes, scarves, gloves and handbags belong to Minna Parikka. The not so good pictures are taken by me :)