I have always been really interested of the stories behind the brand/blog etc. names. From where did the idea come from? Why that name?

The story behind my blog name Lumous is following…

Are you sitting comfortably? So let’s begin – once upon a time there was a girl or should I say woman, who thought: “Damn, I do miss my home country and seems to be that I am slowly forgetting my mother language too!” So this woman was wondering how to keep up with the roots and what to do to help with the homesickness. Well, she does enjoy clothing and beautiful things, and what would be nicer than use the things you like to make you remember your home J But more she looked into the Finnish designers and brands the more she thought: “Hey, these people are really good on what they are doing and the designs are just amazing!” and somehow they manage to lure her even deeper of the world of Finnish fashion. In the end the woman felt like being enchanted by it… “Lumous” (Finnish word) means “Enchantment, spell, charm” :)

I did wonder what the story behind the Spanish/Finnish brand called MOIMOI is and I was lucky and got the story from Raquel, the designer of the brand:
“I was studying in Kuopio clothing and textile design when I first got interested in Finland and Scandinavian design. After this I moved to Barcelona to study a postgraduate in Fashion Business and I created MOIMOI as my final project. The brand project was focused in Scandinavia and mixing Finland and Spain. The initial name was MOIMOIbarcelona, like Hi, Hi Barcelona! But we decided to keep it as only MOIMOI when we started to develop the brand further with Kalle.”

The MOIMOI is a brand that makes accessories.  The person using MOIMOI products is independent and creative so their products are full of energy! They draw their innovation from colourful Spanish roots and clean Scandinavian lines. This you can clearly see when you look at their products…

Here are few photos from their latest campaign. 
I like the simplicity of the necklaces and earrings, but what really, really stopped me was the brown Lola bag.
When going thru their website, I did also find the Petteri the leather card wallet, as that is just perfect for the nights out or during the Oktoberfest, when you do not want to carry your oversize wallet with you…
What is your favorite MOIMOI product?


Please note the pictures belong to MOIMOI. 
The campaign pictures are taken by Joan Morera.




In the past I have worked quite a lot with Italians and I must say that all of them had always known how to dress up. I may have not necessary always wore what they were wearing, but you could not denied them being stylish. Perhaps it is in their blood as when seeing group of Italian tourists here in Munich, they all look really elegant! I really would like to go to Rome and just sit in the café and watch people. Maybe I would learn something from them…

Piia Hänninen is a Finnish designer who has Italian influence in her designs. She has worked for Grimaldi Giardina and Fendi, just to name few. And because of the Italian effect, Piia Hänninen Collection always has a feminine softness combined with sharp traditional tailoring with twist of strong Northern mood :) Her clothing has been presented in the Berlin Premium Fashion Fair and in the Copenhagen Fashion Fair.

The A/W2013-14 collection, which is named as “Wolf and Cherrywood” has influence from Finnish wildness and Japanese cherry trees (when blossoming, they are quite feminine, don’t you think?). So the Finnish wildness part is about everyday and sporty type of clothing, while the cherry tree side is more feminine and sophisticated. 
Below you can see some pictures from the collection, if you want to see more, you can find them from here.
The Wolf
The Cherrywood
My favourite? The dark dress below is made for walking in the streets of Rome…  So that would be my pick… It is so feminine and stylish, that not sure how I survive without it ;)
What's your favourite?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Piia Hänninen Collection.
Hah, the computer faeries helped me to restore my lost post! :) So if you wonder, yes, it can be that you have seen this one already...

I’m totally summer person! I really like the warm sun, warm wind and possibility to stay outside whole night without the need to wear a cardigan or long sleeve shirt. But then why do I have more winter than summer clothes? It is funny really, as I do have more things to wear during the winter than summer. For some reason I’m always draw to the winter stuff more than summer clothing. Could be it is my Finnish nature, ensuring that I do not freeze when it gets colder ;)

I was very lucky and got Haldin’s Fall/Winter 2013 Look book and I must say some of the clothing does look really warm, so I can feel the urge to get them! They say their design ideas come from
 “things that fascinate or amuse us, things we are obsessed about or simply love and make them into prints. Into this we add colour because it makes the streets a better place to be.”
I did write about Haldin some time back and they are the ones who know how to combine fashion and fun. I really like that :) You can see it from their design, as it is not often you can find a circus rhino print :)
Below you can see some items form the collection, and if you want to see more, you can find all the item from here.
Funnily enough, I am drawn to the warm things as I said before, but the item that really stopped me what this dress.
Funnily enough, I am drawn to the warm things as I said before, but the item that really stopped me what this dress.

I can’t really put my finger on what stopped me there, but it may be the light blue colour or the circus rhino :) With that dress you don’t need any accessories as the way the blue colour just jumps out of the dress covers it all...  

What do you think? 


P.S. I did wonder what is behind that blue lipstick and wondered if it is because women (not everyone of course) always feel cold...  At least my toes are always freezing... You can ask my hubby about that  ;)

Please note all the pictures belong to Haldin




One of my friends is getting married next month and few days ago she had a fitting of her wedding dress. She just looked so beautiful! The dress is just a dream… Can’t wait to see her in her wedding day!

The fitting did remind me of my own wedding dress and those few fittings I had. My dress was done with co-operation with my mom. I had the idea and she made it happen :) It was really simple dress with ¾ sleeves, boat neckline and open back. It is such a beautiful dress that it is shame not to use it again, so sometime back mom suggested cutting the hem just below the knees. The idea is not bad at all I’m just not sure if I’m ready for it yet…  
The Finnish brand JULJA has similar dresses to my wedding dress in their A/W13 collection, so at least I get an idea approx how my dress would look like, if I would have it shortened… JULJA was founded 2012 by three students. Nora Peltoniemi is designer for the brand, while Inka Kiuru and Johanna Hakala handle all the rest of the stuff, like marketing, production etc. So young company full of girl power! Their design is flattering, flirtatious and easy to wear. Made for all different body types… Their first ever ready-to-wear collection is called Premiere. They made a short video to introduce it, and you can see it below.
Below you can find few pictures of the collection, rest of them you can find from here.
I really like the cut of the dresses as well as the colour blocks they use! But my overall favourite was this blouse. 
It looks really elegant, but at same time it is quite sexy, isn’t it?  I would wear something underneath it for sure as it may be a little bit too open for me other vice... ;)

Do you have any favourites?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to JULJA.




We all have dreams. Big dreams, small dreams, dreams that may come true and dreams that will only stay as a dream. Never the less we all have them. And the feeling when one of your dreams come true, is quite amazing, isn't it? That happened to me last night! It was one of the smaller dreams I had, something that I always hoped I could do and seem to be I was in right place, in right time :) And what was it? Well, I happen to be in Finland again and last night one of the Finnish designers had their fashion show for A/W 2013. I have always wanted to see a runway show and there you go now I have seen one! :)

KAKSITVÅ is brand that I have already written before, but because of the show they put up last night, I think they deserve a closer look for their collection. Their collection is called HOT LIFE NOW and it is divided in three different sections. HOT is about statement products, LIFE about easygoing ones and NOW presents this season’s wildest things. The way they styled their runway models reminded me of Louis Vuitton A/W 2013, where they all had the similar (tho little bit shorter) black wig. 

Below you can find some pictures taken from the show directly, rest of the show pictures you can find from here and the official collection pictures from here.

My favourites from the collection are the cardigan, the leather vest (unfortunately no picture of it from the runway), skirt and the black hoodie. And the one with the KAKSITVÅ logo and .... ;)
What do you think about the collection? Anything you like?

Cheers for now,

Please note the pictures from runway show are taken by Tommi Hynynen.
All the pictures belong to KAKSITVÅ.