Have you ever taken a break of anything that you usually do? Maybe sabbatical from work or perhaps break from the sport you do? Or break from writing a blog? No? Well, I did and I think it was a really good break! :) I have had a lot of happening in my personal life within the last year, so when the work got less stressful, I somehow also let myself go and was not sure what to do with all the time I had in my hands. It was hard to turn off... So I was not really able to write either, cause writing, even it is just for blog, I need to be able to take it easy and relax.  Then my temporary work contract ended and I was quite sick for a while after that.(thy say it is normal when you stress about things and then when the stress goes down, your immunity system goes down too and you get ill). Now being back on my feed and looking opportunities around me, I finally have time and the spark to write again :)

I know there has been lot of happening in the fashion scene in Finland, so let’s dive directly in...

Autumn is beautiful with all the colours in the leaves. And I hope to see colours in the people autumn wear too… If you are looking beautiful coloured shoes, you don’t need to look further than Minna Parikka onlineshop :)

Here are some examples of her Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection. They do put smile on my face… :)
I was reading from somewhere that she was selling her shoes in Net-a-Porter too, but when I went to check it out, I was not able to find them there. I see if I can find more information about this, as what could be cooler that having her shoes in there!  :)

Cheers for now,

Please note that all the pictures belong to Minna Parikka.