The hoodies here in Ireland are like the trachten (traditional clothing) from Bavaria Germany. They are just everywhere! You can see them in the workplaces, in the streets, in the pubs and even in the nightclubs. It is just a thing to wear. When you think about it, you can find so different type of hoodies that they will go with almost every occasion. And they do give you some cover of the drizzle during the Irish autumn/winter/spring/summer ;).  

So no wonder that the SuperDry, Abercrombie&Fitz/Hollister, Billabong are a big thing in here. Walking in the center of Cork, for sure within a few minutes you will definitely see a person wearing a hoodie from one of those brands. If you are looking for everyday hoodies, but want to move away from the brands mentioned above, why not try ones from Makia (they do other cool street/work wear clothing too, so check them out!)? 
You can also find some street clothing from BilleBeino, unfortunately no hoodies (I did ask them if there will be any available, but unfortunately got no answer), but T-shirts, caps and beanies. They are unisex and describes themselves as:
Risen from the Finnish spirit with enthusiasm that never goes out.
Uniting people overseas in stormy waves and smooth ripples.

 Be unique. 
Bow to no label. 
Make your own tag recognizable. 
Put down fire with fire.
Enjoy the ride.

BilleBeino is partly own by Ville Leino, professional ice-hockey player. And it has been advertised a lot by Finnish celebrities (to tell you the truth, I don’t know most of them…). One of them is one of the best Finnish ice-hockey players (Finnish love their ice-hockey) ever: Teemu Selänne. Here is Teemu with his BilleBeino and few pics of their other products.
Time to put on the hoodie on and head out,

Cheers for now,

Please note that the pictures belong to Makia and BilleBeino.