Do you have sisters? If you do, do you have a good connection between you? I have two sisters, one older one and one younger one. We all live in different countries, but when needed we are there for each other.

When I was younger, and worked in the same office with my big sister, we sometimes wore same colour to the office, so people were asking if we call each other every morning to co-ordinate our clothing. Well, we didn’t, maybe it was just the part of the connection we have… ;)

Finnish fashion brand Muka va’s A/W 2013-14 collection is called “Sisterhood” and I just love the way the clothing shows the sisterhood connection… 
My favourites? Well, I like most of them quite lot. I would even chance the shorts, which I don’t usually wear, as I really like the colour of them. So beautiful toffee brown J

What do you think about the shorts?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Muka va
Muka va's homepage is in Finnish, but if you want to contact them, you can send mail to or
Hah, the computer faeries helped me to restore my lost post! :) So if you wonder, yes, it can be that you have seen this one already...

I’m totally summer person! I really like the warm sun, warm wind and possibility to stay outside whole night without the need to wear a cardigan or long sleeve shirt. But then why do I have more winter than summer clothes? It is funny really, as I do have more things to wear during the winter than summer. For some reason I’m always draw to the winter stuff more than summer clothing. Could be it is my Finnish nature, ensuring that I do not freeze when it gets colder ;)

I was very lucky and got Haldin’s Fall/Winter 2013 Look book and I must say some of the clothing does look really warm, so I can feel the urge to get them! They say their design ideas come from
 “things that fascinate or amuse us, things we are obsessed about or simply love and make them into prints. Into this we add colour because it makes the streets a better place to be.”
I did write about Haldin some time back and they are the ones who know how to combine fashion and fun. I really like that :) You can see it from their design, as it is not often you can find a circus rhino print :)
Below you can see some items form the collection, and if you want to see more, you can find all the item from here.
Funnily enough, I am drawn to the warm things as I said before, but the item that really stopped me what this dress.
Funnily enough, I am drawn to the warm things as I said before, but the item that really stopped me what this dress.

I can’t really put my finger on what stopped me there, but it may be the light blue colour or the circus rhino :) With that dress you don’t need any accessories as the way the blue colour just jumps out of the dress covers it all...  

What do you think? 


P.S. I did wonder what is behind that blue lipstick and wondered if it is because women (not everyone of course) always feel cold...  At least my toes are always freezing... You can ask my hubby about that  ;)

Please note all the pictures belong to Haldin