Some years back Travel Association Board of Finland made a study all around Europe about what kind of picture or view the tourists have about Finland. The people who had not travelled to Finland mentioned darkness, long winter, cold and snow. So the thoughts from Finland were directly related to the winter. It would have been interesting to know what they think about Finnish summer... Would they have guessed how hot can it be in there? Especially this May... Finland has had a heat wave while middle Europe has been suffering from the very cold and rainy May...

In my thesis I asked people taking part of the survey to explain in few words what the Finnish fashion will bring in their mind. I was expecting to see something related to the winter and dark, but most of the answers mentioned colours, huge patterns, clean lines and new fashion trends. And I think that is a really good way of saying what the Finnish fashion really is about :)

As the summer is coming, also to rest of the Europe, I want to introduce some colours and patterns. Summer 2013 collection “Changing patterns” from Samuji  ( it’s about both of them (please note all the pictures in this post belong to Samuji). 

Samuji describes their design as simple functionality, a love of necessary things and kindness :). They do really nice every day clothing as well as shoes and accessories. I must admit that I also like the fact that their face for the Summer 2013 collection is a woman with curves! She is well known Finnish model Ninja Sarasalo.

If I would have any extra money to spare, there are few things I would not mind to get from Samuji... 

These loafers (  

What do you think? Is there anything you like?