We did some shopping with my husband yesterday and as always there are people with small stands around the city centre asking you to take part of the charity they belong to. In matter of fact there are so many that needs help, how can you choose which to support? Especially when you don’t have too much money to spare... I usually buy my Christmas cards from Unicef, give money to Salvation Army Christmas pot and buy new pink ribbon every year. It is not much, but at least I feel like I’m doing something.

Shoe designer Emmi Malmström ( did also give her share to the charity, as she gave pairs of her shoes to the charity action that supports young people with problems and their families.  What could be a better way to do charity than that?

Emmi’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection can be said to have really nice spring colours! :) When she was designing the collection, she was thinking about women that would like to wear her shoes every day (and of course in the parties too!). She wanted women to be able to feel self confident and beautiful in her shoes and if you check out the shoes, 

I know I would in these ones  for sure! What do you think?
Emmi also does some leather jewellery and if you keep scrolling down on her blog page (, you will see them there. I really liked the leather bow tie she has done to for guys (and girls) :) 

Please note that all the pictures in this post belongs to shoe designer Emmi Malmström.