You should of course do some sporty stuff during the winter too, but summer is definitely time to do it outside! Feeling that wind in your hair and the warm sun on your skin definitely makes you smile! Or at least it does that for me :)

More reason to smile, as I found few designers who did cool sport clothing for this summer. So not only you feel good but you look good too ;)

KAKSITVÅ calls their collection as “Have a good one” while Vietto calls the clothing “Chillin”. Below you can find first few pictures from KAKSITVÅ and if you want to see more, click here.  And if you wonder who are those two chicks in the background sitting on the bikes, they are the designers Marjo Kuusinen & Piia Keto :) Really cool idea for the runway, huh? If you wish to see the runway show video, click here.
And then some stuff from Vietto and more can be found from here.
It is always good to motive yourself to move more!  ;)

Wishing you a really nice sporty moments,

Please note the photos of the collections belong to KAKSITVÅ (Photos - Kai Kuusisto) and Vietto.

Do you know the days when you just don’t feel so good? The days when everything seems to go wrong already from the morning onwards…. What do you do in days like that? How do you dress up for the day that you have a feeling is not going to go so well? Are you going to wear something that helps you to blend in? Or would you go a little bit crazy and wear something that maybe makes people smile and so makes you feel better?

If you chose the latter option, I have a perfect designer for you :) Finnish Designer Daniel Palillo. His designs have big prints, are oversized and full of black humour. So you could say his designs are something that are very special, nothing that you can see every where…  And I think because of that even Lady Gaga has been seen wearing clothing from him.

I find some of the clothing personally quite funny, not that I would necessary wear it in the office, but outside of the work for sure :)

Here are few pieces from Daniel Palillo’s S/S14 collection called “Me against the world”.  
“It is a call for slackers* to unite: to wear their pajamas to work, and do what they like.”
If you want to see it all, you can find them here (downloads the whole collection for your computer as a .zip file).
If you want to see more, Daniel has released pictures for his men A/W 14 collection already as well and you can find the here.

This is my feel good clothing from Vietto :) Always helps me to smile when I wear it….
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Please note the pictures belong to Daniel Palillo and Vietto.
Slowly we are heading towards the spring (at least here in Europe) and with the spring comes the Spring/Summer collections :) It is nice to start to think already what to wear this summer and when you start early, you will have a plenty of time to look around and pick up the best :)

Today is nice and sunny day in Cork, so when looking the S/S 2014 collection from one of my favourite Finnish designer Design by Katri/n, I can totally relate to the warm summer days and nice warm breeze..

I selected few pieces from the collection as you can see below, but if you want to see it all, click here.
My favourite is definitely this dress! 
And then there are these tops that I would not mind to have...
Oh and if you are looking for bargains, there is still sale on the site for the A/W 2013 collection. Got few pieces selected for myself already :)

 Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Design by Katri/n and should not be used without their permission.
The Friday 6th of December was Finland’s Independence Day. Finland got its independence 96 years ago, so you could say the country is still quite young. I know there are many traditions that Finnish people do on that day, but my tradition is to sit in front of the TV. Yeah, seriously! Every year the president of Finland keeps an independence party, which is televised.  And I’m glued to the TV to watch that…. And I know I’m not alone… The reason is when the party stars the president and his/hers other half will shake hand with everyone who has been invited to the party. Each of these handshakes are shown to the audience and that is the best moment to see what the guests are wearing :) The dresses, the accessories, suits…..

I collected some of the clothing that has been done by Finnish designer below. Unfortunately due to the copyrights I’m not posting the pictures themselves, but links to them.

Dress made by Mert Otsamo, the golden flowers are made from the Magnum ice-cream wrappers.

Beautiful light blue dress, my favourite, made by Design by Katri/n. Also this golden dress was  made by her.

Simple dresses are usually the most beautiful ones, this one was made by Laura Juslin.  

Leather dresses usually looks good, and when it accessorised with golden belt, it looks just amazing. Done by Eija Randelin (link only in Finnish).

This jumpsuit makes a statement,  in a good way I think, designer Mr. Teemu Muurimäki.

And this one, the golden colour is nice as well as the back of it, but maybe then too see-through for my taste. Made by Elina Loueranta

And last but not least the dress of the wife of the president, designed by Sari Nordström. Simple and beautiful!

Dreaming of a fancy dress party….

While doing my master thesis last year about "Awareness and demand of Finnish fashion in Europe" I noticed  not that many people really know that Finland does have cool fashion too. So the purpose of this blog is share my findings of the Finnish fashion with everyone. Not just the things I found when doing my thesis but also things that keep popping up, as we all know, fashion is changing itself all the time...

Have you ever heard about Mai Niemi? No? Well, she has been invited to FIT on 25th of Aprl 2013 (Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York  to talk about her company Finnish fairytale and how her design has been influenced by Finnish saga Kalevala ( She will also present her current knitwear and accessories design. Now you may wonder what kind of stuff she does. Well, think about sagas and vikings, then you will get the idea :) My favourite for sure is this scarf made from 100% wool.

Check it out yourself and let me know what you think: 

Cheers for now,