The hoodies here in Ireland are like the trachten (traditional clothing) from Bavaria Germany. They are just everywhere! You can see them in the workplaces, in the streets, in the pubs and even in the nightclubs. It is just a thing to wear. When you think about it, you can find so different type of hoodies that they will go with almost every occasion. And they do give you some cover of the drizzle during the Irish autumn/winter/spring/summer ;).  

So no wonder that the SuperDry, Abercrombie&Fitz/Hollister, Billabong are a big thing in here. Walking in the center of Cork, for sure within a few minutes you will definitely see a person wearing a hoodie from one of those brands. If you are looking for everyday hoodies, but want to move away from the brands mentioned above, why not try ones from Makia (they do other cool street/work wear clothing too, so check them out!)? 
You can also find some street clothing from BilleBeino, unfortunately no hoodies (I did ask them if there will be any available, but unfortunately got no answer), but T-shirts, caps and beanies. They are unisex and describes themselves as:
Risen from the Finnish spirit with enthusiasm that never goes out.
Uniting people overseas in stormy waves and smooth ripples.

 Be unique. 
Bow to no label. 
Make your own tag recognizable. 
Put down fire with fire.
Enjoy the ride.

BilleBeino is partly own by Ville Leino, professional ice-hockey player. And it has been advertised a lot by Finnish celebrities (to tell you the truth, I don’t know most of them…). One of them is one of the best Finnish ice-hockey players (Finnish love their ice-hockey) ever: Teemu Selänne. Here is Teemu with his BilleBeino and few pics of their other products.
Time to put on the hoodie on and head out,

Cheers for now,

Please note that the pictures belong to Makia and BilleBeino.
Have you ever taken a break of anything that you usually do? Maybe sabbatical from work or perhaps break from the sport you do? Or break from writing a blog? No? Well, I did and I think it was a really good break! :) I have had a lot of happening in my personal life within the last year, so when the work got less stressful, I somehow also let myself go and was not sure what to do with all the time I had in my hands. It was hard to turn off... So I was not really able to write either, cause writing, even it is just for blog, I need to be able to take it easy and relax.  Then my temporary work contract ended and I was quite sick for a while after that.(thy say it is normal when you stress about things and then when the stress goes down, your immunity system goes down too and you get ill). Now being back on my feed and looking opportunities around me, I finally have time and the spark to write again :)

I know there has been lot of happening in the fashion scene in Finland, so let’s dive directly in...

Autumn is beautiful with all the colours in the leaves. And I hope to see colours in the people autumn wear too… If you are looking beautiful coloured shoes, you don’t need to look further than Minna Parikka onlineshop :)

Here are some examples of her Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection. They do put smile on my face… :)
I was reading from somewhere that she was selling her shoes in Net-a-Porter too, but when I went to check it out, I was not able to find them there. I see if I can find more information about this, as what could be cooler that having her shoes in there!  :)

Cheers for now,

Please note that all the pictures belong to Minna Parikka.




You should of course do some sporty stuff during the winter too, but summer is definitely time to do it outside! Feeling that wind in your hair and the warm sun on your skin definitely makes you smile! Or at least it does that for me :)

More reason to smile, as I found few designers who did cool sport clothing for this summer. So not only you feel good but you look good too ;)

KAKSITVÅ calls their collection as “Have a good one” while Vietto calls the clothing “Chillin”. Below you can find first few pictures from KAKSITVÅ and if you want to see more, click here.  And if you wonder who are those two chicks in the background sitting on the bikes, they are the designers Marjo Kuusinen & Piia Keto :) Really cool idea for the runway, huh? If you wish to see the runway show video, click here.
And then some stuff from Vietto and more can be found from here.
It is always good to motive yourself to move more!  ;)

Wishing you a really nice sporty moments,

Please note the photos of the collections belong to KAKSITVÅ (Photos - Kai Kuusisto) and Vietto.

I don’t.  For some reason I am still to learn to select the correct accessories to the different things I wear. I usually go for the simple things, but would really like to learn to do the “wow”-accessorising. How to wear something simple and the go a little bit crazy with accessories…  Maybe I just don’t have enough accessories to do this? Maybe I just need more jewellery, shoes, bags, sun glasses…. Tho if you ask my hubby, I don’t think he will agree with me ;)

I found few nice things from different designers, things that would perhaps, possible, help me to learn more about the art of accessorising :)
What is your tip for cool accessorising?

Cheers for now,

Please note that the pictures belong to each of the designers (as mentioned in the picture texts).
As I do not live in Finland I miss most of the sample sales that those lovely Finnish designers do.  It seems to be that they normally have the sample sales only in their boutiques and the online shop is not included. Very often they do have the sample sales at the same time, so I could of course try to head to Finland around this time of the year and visit then all the sales :)

I did have my sample sale happiness from one of the designer, who, even being Finnish, is not based in Finland. And their sample sale was online :)

Everyone, this is what I found (and bought) - the boots from Finsk
I have wrote about Finks already before but if you wonder what else they do, I collected few pictures you to see. If you want to see more, click here and here.
The design of their shoes is something different and I guess that is one of the reason I like them so much :)

What do you think about Finsk?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures, except the first one, belong to Finsk.
I do watch some of the Haute Couture shows that are shown in Paris in the beginning of the year. One of the designer in my “to watch” –list is Jean Paul Gaultier. I do like his feminine design, and his way to be able to change the look of his clothing but still keep the Gaultier signature in them. For this year collection he has used butterflies as an inspiration and the results are beautiful… Who would not like butterflies? :)

One of the Finnish design brand has also used butterflies for their inspiration, their first print was based on the butterflies and the brand is also named after it. The brand is called Cho Cho which means butterfly in Japanese (Cho). The brand started with the hand printed fabric bags and purses but now their main products are the leather bags. I really like the different colours they use in their products and I must admit that even I am not such a big fan of prints their butterfly print is cute :)

Below you can find some pictures of their products, if you want to see more click here. Unfortunately their internet site is mainly in Finnish, but if you have any questions related to their products, you can contact the designer Kirsi Päiväniemi ( 
Not that I really need new handbags, but I would not mind to have these two.
As the slogan of the Cho Cho says: 
"Never too many"
Wishing you a really nice Sunday,


Please note the pictures belong to Cho Cho.

Do you know the days when you just don’t feel so good? The days when everything seems to go wrong already from the morning onwards…. What do you do in days like that? How do you dress up for the day that you have a feeling is not going to go so well? Are you going to wear something that helps you to blend in? Or would you go a little bit crazy and wear something that maybe makes people smile and so makes you feel better?

If you chose the latter option, I have a perfect designer for you :) Finnish Designer Daniel Palillo. His designs have big prints, are oversized and full of black humour. So you could say his designs are something that are very special, nothing that you can see every where…  And I think because of that even Lady Gaga has been seen wearing clothing from him.

I find some of the clothing personally quite funny, not that I would necessary wear it in the office, but outside of the work for sure :)

Here are few pieces from Daniel Palillo’s S/S14 collection called “Me against the world”.  
“It is a call for slackers* to unite: to wear their pajamas to work, and do what they like.”
If you want to see it all, you can find them here (downloads the whole collection for your computer as a .zip file).
If you want to see more, Daniel has released pictures for his men A/W 14 collection already as well and you can find the here.

This is my feel good clothing from Vietto :) Always helps me to smile when I wear it….
Last but not least, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Georgia for nominating me to the Liebster Award. Unfortunately I can't take part of it, as I have more than 200 followers, but please go ahead and check out her blog Thank you so much Georgia!! :)


Please note the pictures belong to Daniel Palillo and Vietto.
It is that time of the year when all the different award ceremonies are taking place. There was the Golden Globe and Grammy’s. Later this month there will BAFTA movie awards and then in March of course the Oscars. In Finland they have award ceremony called Jussi Gaala and in the gala they award people who are related to the Finnish film making industry. The statue they give to people is called Jussi (traditional man name in Finland). The statue itself is a man from Ostrobotnia (region of Finland) wearing a traditional costume and it is made of plaster of Paris. Believe it or not, but it is one of the oldest film awards in Europe, as the first ceremony was held in 1944.

What I do like about the award ceremonies, are the dresses that the women are wearing…  It is interesting to see who wears what designer and who nail it and who didn’t. I guess I’m fan of the glitz and glamour really… ;)

If I would ever have a chance to be part of the Jussi Gaala, I have already picked up a dress I would be wearing :) It is made by a Finnish brand called Valkyria Design and it is just amazing… The picture is taken in Cameo Boutique.
I was told by the Lotta Mönkäre, the owner and the designer of the Valkyria Design that the dress is available in different colours. The lace can either be white or black, and the satin underneath you can choose either beige, graphite, grey or black.

Valkyria Design does have other interesting products too and I collected few pieces from their home page you to see. If you want to see what else they have, please click here
Even though Valkyria Design has different collections, their design goal is to make pieces that are classical and timeless. This is to:
Support the clothing’s long lasting life and function, in opposition to the more prevalent disposable material culture.
If you would head to an award ceremony or any other fancy dress party, what would you wear?


Please note that the pictures belong to the Valkyria Design.

Slowly we are heading towards the spring (at least here in Europe) and with the spring comes the Spring/Summer collections :) It is nice to start to think already what to wear this summer and when you start early, you will have a plenty of time to look around and pick up the best :)

Today is nice and sunny day in Cork, so when looking the S/S 2014 collection from one of my favourite Finnish designer Design by Katri/n, I can totally relate to the warm summer days and nice warm breeze..

I selected few pieces from the collection as you can see below, but if you want to see it all, click here.
My favourite is definitely this dress! 
And then there are these tops that I would not mind to have...
Oh and if you are looking for bargains, there is still sale on the site for the A/W 2013 collection. Got few pieces selected for myself already :)

 Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Design by Katri/n and should not be used without their permission.




You know they say that it rains in Ireland quite lot. Since I have been here for the last few months, yes it has rained some but not as much as I thought it would.  So far the weather has been like a Finnish autumn without the grayness as the grass seem to be green here all year around. Rain can make things look miserable, but it can also make things beautiful.  Raindrops in the flowers, raindrops on the spider web…. 
 She opens her eyes like every other morning. With a misty gaze she walks over to the window and moves the curtains aside with a gentle touch. Rays of sunlight dance through a timid rain and greet her face with a sweet tickle. Everything is serene and beautiful. It's so close but yet so far away.. This is - Liliya's rain. 
Liliya’s rain is a collection that catches this beauty. The collection is made by Anne-Mari Pahkala, a professional Designer Dressmaker. She has worked in historical atelier in Venice, Italy and with industry professionals in Finland and they have affected in creation of her own signature style of elegance, quality and structural craftsmanship with the natural and fresh elements of the North.

The glass jewellery is hand made by Joonas Laakso.
I just love her dresses and next time when I go to Finland, I know for sure which shop I will be visiting… Although on the other hand, you can also order the clothing also via e-mail, so I maybe go for that option instead :)

If you want to see more from her, just head to her homepage by clicking this link.

Few posts back I was writing about the independence party that the Finnish president hosts every year and usually you can also see some dresses from Anne-Mari Pahkala in there too. I really like the cut of this yellow dress she made. Sorry no picture available due to copyrights of the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

Seems to be it is not raining at the moment, so heading out to the nice afternoon walk. Taking an umbrella with me, just in case… ;)

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Anne-Mari Pahkala.