While doing my master thesis last year about "Awareness and demand of Finnish fashion in Europe" I noticed  not that many people really know that Finland does have cool fashion too. So the purpose of this blog is share my findings of the Finnish fashion with everyone. Not just the things I found when doing my thesis but also things that keep popping up, as we all know, fashion is changing itself all the time...

Have you ever heard about Mai Niemi? No? Well, she has been invited to FIT on 25th of Aprl 2013 (Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York http://www.fitnyc.edu/10070.asp#Taking)  to talk about her company Finnish fairytale and how her design has been influenced by Finnish saga Kalevala (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalevala). She will also present her current knitwear and accessories design. Now you may wonder what kind of stuff she does. Well, think about sagas and vikings, then you will get the idea :) My favourite for sure is this scarf http://shop.mainiemi.com/tuotekuvat/900x600/Sotkatar_valkea.jpg made from 100% wool.

Check it out yourself and let me know what you think: http://shop.mainiemi.com/ 

Cheers for now,