You know they say that it rains in Ireland quite lot. Since I have been here for the last few months, yes it has rained some but not as much as I thought it would.  So far the weather has been like a Finnish autumn without the grayness as the grass seem to be green here all year around. Rain can make things look miserable, but it can also make things beautiful.  Raindrops in the flowers, raindrops on the spider web…. 
 She opens her eyes like every other morning. With a misty gaze she walks over to the window and moves the curtains aside with a gentle touch. Rays of sunlight dance through a timid rain and greet her face with a sweet tickle. Everything is serene and beautiful. It's so close but yet so far away.. This is - Liliya's rain. 
Liliya’s rain is a collection that catches this beauty. The collection is made by Anne-Mari Pahkala, a professional Designer Dressmaker. She has worked in historical atelier in Venice, Italy and with industry professionals in Finland and they have affected in creation of her own signature style of elegance, quality and structural craftsmanship with the natural and fresh elements of the North.

The glass jewellery is hand made by Joonas Laakso.
I just love her dresses and next time when I go to Finland, I know for sure which shop I will be visiting… Although on the other hand, you can also order the clothing also via e-mail annemaripahkala@gmail.com, so I maybe go for that option instead :)

If you want to see more from her, just head to her homepage by clicking this link.

Few posts back I was writing about the independence party that the Finnish president hosts every year and usually you can also see some dresses from Anne-Mari Pahkala in there too. I really like the cut of this yellow dress she made. Sorry no picture available due to copyrights of the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

Seems to be it is not raining at the moment, so heading out to the nice afternoon walk. Taking an umbrella with me, just in case… ;)

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Anne-Mari Pahkala.
Hah, the computer faeries helped me to restore my lost post! :) So if you wonder, yes, it can be that you have seen this one already...

I’m totally summer person! I really like the warm sun, warm wind and possibility to stay outside whole night without the need to wear a cardigan or long sleeve shirt. But then why do I have more winter than summer clothes? It is funny really, as I do have more things to wear during the winter than summer. For some reason I’m always draw to the winter stuff more than summer clothing. Could be it is my Finnish nature, ensuring that I do not freeze when it gets colder ;)

I was very lucky and got Haldin’s Fall/Winter 2013 Look book and I must say some of the clothing does look really warm, so I can feel the urge to get them! They say their design ideas come from
 “things that fascinate or amuse us, things we are obsessed about or simply love and make them into prints. Into this we add colour because it makes the streets a better place to be.”
I did write about Haldin some time back and they are the ones who know how to combine fashion and fun. I really like that :) You can see it from their design, as it is not often you can find a circus rhino print :)
Below you can see some items form the collection, and if you want to see more, you can find all the item from here.
Funnily enough, I am drawn to the warm things as I said before, but the item that really stopped me what this dress.
Funnily enough, I am drawn to the warm things as I said before, but the item that really stopped me what this dress.

I can’t really put my finger on what stopped me there, but it may be the light blue colour or the circus rhino :) With that dress you don’t need any accessories as the way the blue colour just jumps out of the dress covers it all...  

What do you think? 


P.S. I did wonder what is behind that blue lipstick and wondered if it is because women (not everyone of course) always feel cold...  At least my toes are always freezing... You can ask my hubby about that  ;)

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I have a love-hate relationship with Sunday. I love it because on that day, you can take it easy, all the necessary food etc. shopping has been done and you can just relax (the shops are not open on Sundays in Munich). I hate it because it is the last day of the weekend and Monday is then just around the corner.  There are Sundays that goes past way too quick and then Sundays that seem to last forever. There is an English expression “month of Sundays” which originates from 1830s and it means long dreary time since all the fun stuff was forbidden on Sundays.

One of the Finnish designer duo has adopted this saying as their brand name. Month of Sundays was founded in end of 2012 by two sisters Milla and Iina Kettunen.  They describe Month of Sunday woman as a person that 
“walks uneven path and takes a break from the rush where ever she wants. She is spontaneous, nice and smiley but also thoughtful lover of silent moments. She dresses as her sister by playfully combining clothing details and loving everything soft on her skin”
This description can be clearly seen in their design.  The straight, sleek lines and the soft material they use. It shouts all about taking it easy and enjoying the life :)

They have just released their A/W 2013 collection which is called FIFTH Month of Sundays. Which is as well, as the earlier ones were fourth, third etc. months of Sundays :) Here are few pictures of the collection, if you want to see more, click here.
They do also accessories, and was able to find some from their web shop, which happens to have a sale on :)
If I could chose, I would go for the green woollen dress and then perhaps the big shopper :) What about you?
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Please note all the pictures belong to Month of Sundays

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Shopping can be a stressful thing to do. Yesterday I spend few hours trying to find a nice skirt and pair of shorts for the summer time and after trying numerous version of both of them, I came out from them shop with just a one skirt (and headache). It is frustrating to try clothing when you think you know your size and then when you try them on, you notice the size is too small. And doing that in a changing room you share with ten other women (one big room, instead small cubicles) it was not nice at all... So not only did I underestimate my own size (I blame the different labels ;) ) but also doing that in the full packed changing room was not nice… When I got home, I was definitely not a happy bunny! Shopping should be fun!

Have you experienced something like this? How did you overcome the unhappiness it caused?

I like funny things (laugh is always good cure for almost everything) and when I saw a video from Haldin about what their clothing, I could not do anything else than laugh :) I really, really like it when I see that not everyone takes fashion seriously. 

Haldin is a design company set up by a Swedish dude and a Finnish lady and you can see from their website how they have included humour to their design by just reading the story of them. What else can you say when you see this: “The company was born from the crossing of paths of a handsome Swedish banker and a Finnish design student with beautiful toes.”

Their designs are full of prints and colours and it looks fun. This clothing is definitely not for serious people... ;) Here are few examples from their F/W 2013 collection. Unfortunately they have changed their internet page since I last visited it and their clothing does not have names anymore, which is a shame as the funny names were like a spot on to their designs.

In their special project collection they have a really funny shirt, which I would not have mind to have. I can only imagine myself plaiting the zebra tail when stressing about something... Would be a perfect stress toy :)
Wishing you a really nice and relaxing weekend... :)

Cheers for now,

P.S. Maybe the onlineshopping could be an answer in here, like Zalando, Net-a-Porter... ;)

Please note the video and the pictures in this post belong to Haldin.