I have a love-hate relationship with Sunday. I love it because on that day, you can take it easy, all the necessary food etc. shopping has been done and you can just relax (the shops are not open on Sundays in Munich). I hate it because it is the last day of the weekend and Monday is then just around the corner.  There are Sundays that goes past way too quick and then Sundays that seem to last forever. There is an English expression “month of Sundays” which originates from 1830s and it means long dreary time since all the fun stuff was forbidden on Sundays.

One of the Finnish designer duo has adopted this saying as their brand name. Month of Sundays was founded in end of 2012 by two sisters Milla and Iina Kettunen.  They describe Month of Sunday woman as a person that 
“walks uneven path and takes a break from the rush where ever she wants. She is spontaneous, nice and smiley but also thoughtful lover of silent moments. She dresses as her sister by playfully combining clothing details and loving everything soft on her skin”
This description can be clearly seen in their design.  The straight, sleek lines and the soft material they use. It shouts all about taking it easy and enjoying the life :)

They have just released their A/W 2013 collection which is called FIFTH Month of Sundays. Which is as well, as the earlier ones were fourth, third etc. months of Sundays :) Here are few pictures of the collection, if you want to see more, click here.
They do also accessories, and was able to find some from their web shop, which happens to have a sale on :)
If I could chose, I would go for the green woollen dress and then perhaps the big shopper :) What about you?
Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Month of Sundays

P.S. Oh dear, seems to be that I somehow managed to delete my earlier post... So in case you wonder, yep, it's gone until I can somehow restore it ;)