The Friday 6th of December was Finland’s Independence Day. Finland got its independence 96 years ago, so you could say the country is still quite young. I know there are many traditions that Finnish people do on that day, but my tradition is to sit in front of the TV. Yeah, seriously! Every year the president of Finland keeps an independence party, which is televised.  And I’m glued to the TV to watch that…. And I know I’m not alone… The reason is when the party stars the president and his/hers other half will shake hand with everyone who has been invited to the party. Each of these handshakes are shown to the audience and that is the best moment to see what the guests are wearing :) The dresses, the accessories, suits…..

I collected some of the clothing that has been done by Finnish designer below. Unfortunately due to the copyrights I’m not posting the pictures themselves, but links to them.

Dress made by Mert Otsamo, the golden flowers are made from the Magnum ice-cream wrappers.

Beautiful light blue dress, my favourite, made by Design by Katri/n. Also this golden dress was  made by her.

Simple dresses are usually the most beautiful ones, this one was made by Laura Juslin.  

Leather dresses usually looks good, and when it accessorised with golden belt, it looks just amazing. Done by Eija Randelin (link only in Finnish).

This jumpsuit makes a statement,  in a good way I think, designer Mr. Teemu Muurimäki.

And this one, the golden colour is nice as well as the back of it, but maybe then too see-through for my taste. Made by Elina Loueranta

And last but not least the dress of the wife of the president, designed by Sari Nordström. Simple and beautiful!

Dreaming of a fancy dress party….