I have always been really interested of the stories behind the brand/blog etc. names. From where did the idea come from? Why that name?

The story behind my blog name Lumous is following…

Are you sitting comfortably? So let’s begin – once upon a time there was a girl or should I say woman, who thought: “Damn, I do miss my home country and seems to be that I am slowly forgetting my mother language too!” So this woman was wondering how to keep up with the roots and what to do to help with the homesickness. Well, she does enjoy clothing and beautiful things, and what would be nicer than use the things you like to make you remember your home J But more she looked into the Finnish designers and brands the more she thought: “Hey, these people are really good on what they are doing and the designs are just amazing!” and somehow they manage to lure her even deeper of the world of Finnish fashion. In the end the woman felt like being enchanted by it… “Lumous” (Finnish word) means “Enchantment, spell, charm” :)

I did wonder what the story behind the Spanish/Finnish brand called MOIMOI is and I was lucky and got the story from Raquel, the designer of the brand:
“I was studying in Kuopio clothing and textile design when I first got interested in Finland and Scandinavian design. After this I moved to Barcelona to study a postgraduate in Fashion Business and I created MOIMOI as my final project. The brand project was focused in Scandinavia and mixing Finland and Spain. The initial name was MOIMOIbarcelona, like Hi, Hi Barcelona! But we decided to keep it as only MOIMOI when we started to develop the brand further with Kalle.”

The MOIMOI is a brand that makes accessories.  The person using MOIMOI products is independent and creative so their products are full of energy! They draw their innovation from colourful Spanish roots and clean Scandinavian lines. This you can clearly see when you look at their products…

Here are few photos from their latest campaign. 
I like the simplicity of the necklaces and earrings, but what really, really stopped me was the brown Lola bag.
When going thru their website, I did also find the Petteri the leather card wallet, as that is just perfect for the nights out or during the Oktoberfest, when you do not want to carry your oversize wallet with you…
What is your favorite MOIMOI product?


Please note the pictures belong to MOIMOI. 
The campaign pictures are taken by Joan Morera.