We just came back from our five day Finland holiday and it seems to be that older I get the harder it is to leave the country... Maybe it is because of the family or because of the beautiful shops they have in there... ;) Did I buy stuff? Oh, I did indeed, not too much, but found some beautiful pieces to take home with me. And the best thing was that the sale just started! :)
One of the shops I visited is called Paloni (http://www.paloni.fi/) and they sell pieces from 80 independent Finnish designers, so if you are planning to go to Helsinki and want to check out the Finnish designers this is definitely one of the places to go! And the service in the shop was just excellent! :) 

One of the labels found from the shop is called First Crush (http://www.firstcrush.fi/). Their latest collection is called “Sky is not blue” and you can find few pictures of the clothing and accessories/bags from the collection below.
The main material they use for the clothing is used men shirts and for accessories and bags they use old maps, old magazines etc.  So they are definitely very ecological brand!
And what did I buy? Well, I really liked the white Satu tunic and was not able to leave the shop without it... I just love the sleeves on that shirt... :)

What do you think about First Crush? Is there anything in their collection you like?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures in this post belong to First Crush.