In the past I have worked quite a lot with Italians and I must say that all of them had always known how to dress up. I may have not necessary always wore what they were wearing, but you could not denied them being stylish. Perhaps it is in their blood as when seeing group of Italian tourists here in Munich, they all look really elegant! I really would like to go to Rome and just sit in the café and watch people. Maybe I would learn something from them…

Piia Hänninen is a Finnish designer who has Italian influence in her designs. She has worked for Grimaldi Giardina and Fendi, just to name few. And because of the Italian effect, Piia Hänninen Collection always has a feminine softness combined with sharp traditional tailoring with twist of strong Northern mood :) Her clothing has been presented in the Berlin Premium Fashion Fair and in the Copenhagen Fashion Fair.

The A/W2013-14 collection, which is named as “Wolf and Cherrywood” has influence from Finnish wildness and Japanese cherry trees (when blossoming, they are quite feminine, don’t you think?). So the Finnish wildness part is about everyday and sporty type of clothing, while the cherry tree side is more feminine and sophisticated. 
Below you can see some pictures from the collection, if you want to see more, you can find them from here.
The Wolf
The Cherrywood
My favourite? The dark dress below is made for walking in the streets of Rome…  So that would be my pick… It is so feminine and stylish, that not sure how I survive without it ;)
What's your favourite?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Piia Hänninen Collection.