I don’t drink coffee at all. For me the best way to start a morning is to have a cup of strong tea with honey. It does really wake you up nicely :) I think I can confess to be a tea addict, as I do drink it lot! I have always drank tea, but since doing my studies I have had a habit of drinking it closer to six-seven cups a day and I see no reason why stop ;) Although I had to stop that habit, since using teabags from Ireland, as I can’t sleep then during the night. They really do give you a nice caffeine kick :)

I also think that drinking tea during the summer does help you to handle the hear better, or maybe then I just us it as an excuse to have one more cup of tea ;)

Poola Kataryna says that her products are designed for those who love bicycle adventures on midsummer nights, weird daydreams and having a cup of tea in a bubble bath. So as I tea lover (never had it in a bubble bath tho, need to try that...) I thought it to be a sign that items from this designer are definitely made for me ;)

The collection for S/S 2013 is called Lagoon and it was inspired by sirens, mermaids and underwater world.

You can find more pictures of the collection in here.

I really like the plankton dress, the small colourful fabric pompoms do really make it look like different colour of planktons swimming around you. Oh and the plankton hat?! Perfect for the day in beach! Now I just need the day in beach.... ;)

When I was in Finland I did try the Sweetheart top, as I like the cutting of the fabric and the layers, but unfortunately it did not look as good on me as it looked on the hanger :(

Poola Kataryna also does jewellery and accessories and below you can see some of the items.

My favourites are the Sweetheart earrings (the volume, the colour and the hearts) and the Ink plot necklace as who can say no to a beautiful statement necklace!

What do you think about Poola Kataryna?

Cheers for now,

Please note the pictures belong to Poola Kataryna