Ok, I confess! I do watch Germany’s Next Top Model… I have seen all the seasons, and I will keep watching it as long as they keep doing it :) In Germany the person hosting the show is Heidi Klum. She does host another show too, which unfortunately is not aired in Germany, the Project Runway. In the Project Runway the clothing designers compete with each other to create the best clothes. They have restricted time, materials and theme to base their clothing on. It is very interesting to see the designs they come up with it. I don’t always agree with the judges about the critic towards the clothing, but I guess it is matter of taste :) 
They do have this show in Finland too and it is called “Muodin huipulle (To Top of the Fashion)”. Even though the name is different, it is based on the Project Runway format. So far they have  done two seasons of it, and I really hope they will continue doing it while Finland is full of really good designers and this is one way them to make themselves known. Of course there is a question is Finland big enough for the new designers and their clothing, but then who says they need to stay in Finland? ;)

The winner of the first season was Katri Nieminen, who has her own label called Design by Katri/n (http://www.designbykatrin.com).  Her spring/summer collection 2013 is called “Ice Cream Kiss” and oh dear, the clothes are just amazing (http://www.designbykatrin.com/epages/vilkas02.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/20110728-11092-49716-1/Categories/Collections/Spring_Summer_13)… For me the collection she did for last summer was not so interesting, as the colours and floating material are just not for me (http://www.designbykatrin.com/epages/vilkas02.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/20110728-11092-49716-1/Categories/Collections/Spring_12). But the new collection – I think I’m officially now a fan of Design by Katri/n. Can be because I like lighter colours and the draping… I may have to get the ice-cream blouse for myself. But then I need to get something that goes with it too... Hhmm, dear husband of mine I think I need to chat with you about buying things... ;)

What do you think about Design by Katri/n? Would you consider being a fan?

Cheers for now,

Please note the pictures in this post belongs to Design by Katri/n