When you go to fun park have you ever just stand outside of one the rides and watched people face when they come out from it? The smile on their face is priceless really (unless of course they feel sick ;))… It makes me happy when I see people smiling like that. What about have you noticed in the airports when people are waiting their families/friends and when they see them how happy they look? One of my favourite movies is “Love, actually” and the scene that I really like is when they show people in the airport. Or what about the smile on the bride to be when she has found the perfect wedding dress? Priceless… Ok, the smile not the dress ;)

Sanna Leinonen is a Finnish designer who hopes that when people see her designs they stop for a moment and smile. And for her seeing the smile is more important than selling the things…  
Sanna with her cool pink Elvari van
Sanna Leinonen’s brand is called Elvari and she does earrings, necklaces etc. from polymer mass using a rolling pin, a pasta machine, and a knife. There are really no collections with Elvari, but when she gets a new idea, so will make the product. Below you can see some of things she does, if you want to see more, you can click here. And don’t be afraid that the page is all in Finnish, the pictures tell more than thousand words. If you want to know more about the products, you can just drop her e-mail sanna@elvari.fi.
This time I have no favourite, as I would like to have them all! :) They are all just so cute…


P.S. Please note that the pictures belong to Elvari.