If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m big fan of stories. Stories behind the photos, stories behind the brand names…. When I was kid our mom use to read a bedside stories for us almost every night, when I got older I read thru the all children and teenager the books that our local library had. I guess I went to the library too often as once the librarian told me to tell my mother she should not worry, “the reading” –phase that I was in, would past soon. And it did, but I still love to read, listen or watch a good story :)

I guess you all know the story of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. The story I was told when I was kid was closer to the original story from Grimm brothers rather than the same story told by Disney.  Grimm’s one can be said to be more brutal one…

Finnish designer Mirkka Metsola used the Grimm version of the Snow White when she designed her collection for A/W 2013 with the Finnish visual artist office Rita Hill. Mirkka describes the collection following way:
Grimm’s tales, the Snow White especially, are well known to both from the childhood. Both the collection and the artwork take a new, different approach to the classic story, reflecting it to the contemporary time. Narcissism touches everyone’s lives in its various forms but its most destructive force comes out when it occurs within a family and functions as a tool of power. In Grimm’s tale the focus is on the narcissistic stepmother and her disastrous relationship with Snow White. We wanted to present this current theme trough a well known tale in order to make it easier for the recipient to approach the problem. Grimm’s tales are equally beautiful and brutal, making them very human.

When looking at their collection, I think they have managed to catch the story of Snow White quite well… 
Here is also a video of the collection
I really like the white long jacket/dress below… I was hoping to find a better picture of it, to see closer how the shoulders are done, as they seem to have some kind of draping on them, but unfortunately was not able to find one. 
Which of the Snow White version do you know from your childhood?

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Please note all the pictures and the Youtube video belong to Mirkka Metsola.