When we went to the wedding in Ireland in July, a small panic hit me, as I really needed to buy a new dress just a day before... No, seriously, I really, really had to do it… There was a heat wave in Ireland during those days and the dress (suit dress) I wanted to wear was just way too heavy. So I hit the shops in Limerick and luckily found a lighter dress. The dress has two layers on it, in the bottom there is a light coloured fabric and the top is made from black lace. Layering fabrics like that makes the clothing more alive, at least I think so :)

The Finnish designer Camilla Mikana uses this technique on some of her clothing. She also folds and gathers the fabrics just to make the surface of the clothing three dimensional. Her design is described as:
Modern and versatile womenswear collection that combines minimalism with multiplism. Camilla Mikama likes to combine a simplified silhouette with polymorphic structures and surfaces.
The F/W13 collection she made is called “U”. I like the simplicity of the name :)
I really fell in love for the grey dress... There is just something on it that screams “get me!” ;) I do tho also like the pencil skirt which has the cut on top of one the legs, as it is long enough, but also flashes a little bit ;)
What’s your favourite?

I have noticed that I keep changing between A/W and F/W in my posts. Mainly it is because I use the wording that the designer themselves uses. But as my English is more British than American I think from now on I will stick with A/W :)

Cheers for now,

All the pictures belong to Camilla Mikama