It is time for the spring cleaning... I’m not such a big fan of vacuum cleaning, dusting, washing the floors etc., so my cleaning is more concentrating towards my wardrobe. Once a year, I go thru my clothes and throw out the ones I have not been using within the last year. Ok, I do make some exception, like all the band T-shirt I have (oh, the memories :)) and some summer clothes, in case the summer before has been really cold. But other than that, I’m ruthless... Then there is the question what to do with the clothing I will not were anymore. Should I just throw it out, go to flea market or should I give them to charity? Throwing things out that could be used again is against my nature, I do support recycling, and as I haven’t been able to motivate myself to go to flea market either, I usually end up giving my clothes to charity.

I do admire people who are able to use old clothing and make something new of them, in a way give them another chance... A brand called Vietto ( is an ecological brand that uses carefully chosen left over and recycled fabrics, high quality organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and tencel to their clothing. I have never heard about tencel before, so just in case you haven’t either, here is the link to wiki to explain what it is (tencel is also called lyocell) , but shortly it is fabric made from wood – yes, seriously.

They latest collection is called “Twisted ballerina” (love the name :)) and you can find the logbook for the collection below (or from here Unfortunately the pictures are quite small, so you can’t see the clothing so well, but the black dress/T-shirt looks interesting. I wonder if you can get one with different material/colour as the design of it is nice...

When looking around Vietto homepage ( I did find the thing below. It is from the earlier collection, and I just like it lot! That jacket is definitely a thing to have... What do you think? 

Huoh, time to continue with the cleaning...

Please note that the pictures in this post belongs to Vietto.