Once in a while you see articles about people who usually does not design shoes, but then they will take part for some charity thing or something like that and then the outcome is usually a special shoe. As an example in Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2356649/Architect-Zaha-Hadid-creates-1-300-high-heels-chrome-fibre-glass.htmlarchitect Zaha Hadid (http://www.zaha-hadid.com/) did shoes for architecture-bourne shoe brand United Nude (http://www.unitednude.com). 
The shoe casing is made of metallic chromed vinyl rubber, while the heel and platform is crafted from fibreglass and inside they are lined with fine kid leather. And to top of it all they are really expensive...  I understand the interesting design and the materials, but shouldn’t you have shoes which are comfortable to wear? Of course can be that these shoes are made just to be looked at like an art, but why not have beautiful shoes that you could also wear? 

One night in Helsinki when we were heading back to the hotel from excellent Russian restaurant Šašlik (thanks Sonja for the recommendation!) we passed the shop of designer Marita Huurinainen (http://maritadesign.com).
And I must admit that I was speechless for a moment, because the design and the way she has used the wood in those shoes is just amazing... I can totally understand that she has received awards for the design (http://maritadesign.com/story/)! If I compare these shoes to the ones made by the architect, guess which ones looks more usable for me... So I guess you don't need to be an architect to be able to do beautiful shaped shoes (matter of taste again, I guess) ;)

Marita’s shoe concept is called Wave and she describes it as a beautiful, elegant, light and comfortable summer shoe. 

Selecting my favourite from her shoes is not easy, but if I try to think what kind of shoe I would mostly need at the moment, I would go for the Luoto model. You can’t ever have too many flip-flops and the colour of the surface (rosewood) is just beautiful (I have a soft spot for the dark wood).

Hmmm, I wonder if she is planning to make handbags.... ;)

What do you think about the Wave shoes?

Cheers for now,

Please note that the picture of the metallic shoes belongs to United Nude, the pictures of the Wave shoes to Marita Huurinainen and the rest to me.

P.S. I had my birthday last week and guess what I got from my (excellent) husband.... As a hint, they are blue, they have wings and they are ballerinas ;)