It is that time of the year when all the different award ceremonies are taking place. There was the Golden Globe and Grammy’s. Later this month there will BAFTA movie awards and then in March of course the Oscars. In Finland they have award ceremony called Jussi Gaala and in the gala they award people who are related to the Finnish film making industry. The statue they give to people is called Jussi (traditional man name in Finland). The statue itself is a man from Ostrobotnia (region of Finland) wearing a traditional costume and it is made of plaster of Paris. Believe it or not, but it is one of the oldest film awards in Europe, as the first ceremony was held in 1944.

What I do like about the award ceremonies, are the dresses that the women are wearing…  It is interesting to see who wears what designer and who nail it and who didn’t. I guess I’m fan of the glitz and glamour really… ;)

If I would ever have a chance to be part of the Jussi Gaala, I have already picked up a dress I would be wearing :) It is made by a Finnish brand called Valkyria Design and it is just amazing… The picture is taken in Cameo Boutique.
I was told by the Lotta Mönkäre, the owner and the designer of the Valkyria Design that the dress is available in different colours. The lace can either be white or black, and the satin underneath you can choose either beige, graphite, grey or black.

Valkyria Design does have other interesting products too and I collected few pieces from their home page you to see. If you want to see what else they have, please click here
Even though Valkyria Design has different collections, their design goal is to make pieces that are classical and timeless. This is to:
Support the clothing’s long lasting life and function, in opposition to the more prevalent disposable material culture.
If you would head to an award ceremony or any other fancy dress party, what would you wear?


Please note that the pictures belong to the Valkyria Design.