Wikipedia defines fast fashion as “is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to acknowledge that designs move from catwalk to store in the fastest time to capture current trends in the market”. But what does it really mean? It means that the companies like Zara, has a short lead time for their products from their designer table to the shops shelves. This gives them advantage to ensure that they can provide trends and designs which are presented at Fashion Weeks around the world to the consumers quickly. So they don’t only offer the traditional two spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, but small collections between the seasons too. The products they offer are usually cheap as well, as they are manufactured in large quantities. Fast fashion clothing is great if you don’t expect them to last long, want to shop often and want to be in top of the latest trends J

I do shop in fast fashion shops too, but mainly when I’m in Finland and that is because there is a company called Seppälä, which is the best fast fashion company I know ;) Seppälä says that they want to encourage people to enjoy fashion by expressing their own unique style. They also have used not models but normal people to present their products. Although this spring party collection is presented by the singer Sophie Ellis Bextor ( They do have online shop, but unfortunately (or luckily as one of my friend said ;) ) they do not deliver outside of Finland. I guess it is because if you want to return the product they ask you to return it to one of their stores instead of sending it by post...

There are 19 Finnish designers working in Seppälä and they design clothing for the 10 different brands Seppälä provides. They are not only concentrating for clothing, but also for accessories and make-up. Which is great as last time I went to Finland and my bag did not make it, so I went to Seppälä to buy clothes and make-up, as the allowance the flight companies provide when you bag is lost is not that much, but it was enough for shopping in Seppälä ;)

What I would buy if I be in Finland now? This: It is cool and cheap J

What do you think about fast fashion? Are you more after quantity or quality?




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