If I go out of the door and I don’t have one with me, I feel naked, I feel like something is missing... I guess you know what I’m talking about – a handbag. It usually has everything I need, except if I have changed it in a hurry. Then most probably half of the stuff I really need is in the handbag that is at home... Sometimes it may be the wallet (and then of course I will be checked for my ticket in a metro), sometimes just a lip balm, but whatever it is, I will for sure need it! Anyway going back to the topic... Handbags, I really like handbags :) I don’t have too many of them (unless if you ask from my husband) and I don’t buy them too often, but when I see the one I want, basically nothing can stop me (except the price once in a while...). 

The Lumi (Finnish word for snow, http://lumiaccessories.com ) designs bags, luggage and accessories. Lumi believes in consuming less but better and they are inspired by everyday life. They have released some pictures of the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, which will be available in August. The collection was inspired by Helsinki, its architecture, nature and northern charm. Unfortunately their homepage is down at the moment, so I don’t know if there will be more products in the collection than the ones shown in the picture below. I hope to find out more about the small black clutch type of handbag...

If you don’t want to wait until August, you could check out their onlineshop: www.shoplumi.com. Personally I would go for the James Business bag special... I first saw the royal blue colour, but then found the one which is partly made from cork! Wow.... I have been looking for a cool laptop bag for a while now and I think I finally found it! :) 
What do you think? Don’t you think your laptop deserves a cool bag?! ;)


Please note that the pictures in this post belong to Lumi.



16/08/2013 13:46

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25/09/2015 13:18

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09/11/2015 11:53

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