I love travelling! It does not matter if the destination is new or old I just like the idea of going somewhere and discovering new things... But before you do travel, you need to pack your bags and that is not always easy. Especially when travelling with a plane you have to keep in mind the weight limit, as you don’t want to pay for extra kilos (rather save the money to shopping ;) )... You don’t want to pack anything extra, but then you don’t want to pack too few clothes either.   

In few months time (heh, I’m already planning what to take with me now) we will first travel to UK for special occasion and then directly to Ireland for even more special occasion which means I need to have two fancy dresses with me plus then of course shoes and normal clothing two... Huh, not sure how I will manage that without secretly using space from my husband’s bag too...

It may be that designer Sveta Planman has a solution for my problem. She established a brand called Jolier in 2008 and the key concept of the brand is transformatibility – Two in One idea. What does it then mean? It means that every piece in Jolier collection is either transformable, where you can change the form of the piece or reversible where you have different colours in both sides. I find her concept really interesting and the designs are timeless really, so it would not be a bad investment.

The dresses are divided between transformable and reversible ones. You can also find skirts and shirts from the transformable collection.

Here are first some of the transformable ones....
And then some reversible...
Jolier also provides a garment called Jolier One. It seems to be you can wear one thing in 56 different ways. I bougth something similar few years back (not from Jolier though) and I must admit I do use the thing only one way, as I already lost the instructions how to change the look :)

And what would I go for? Well, I think the transformable dress Emma would be mine choice. I like that you can change the dress from pencil to wider one. Only thing is that I would like to have a lighter colour, but not sure if there is any available.
What about you? Do you like Jolier's idea?

Cheers for now,

Please note the pictures belong to Jolier.


20/07/2013 14:22

What a great idea, convertible clothes. I would go for the reversible colours ones but I like the idea of changing the dress shape as I find if I lose or gain weight I prefer a different fit!

29/08/2013 14:13

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29/08/2013 14:14

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