I’m visiting Finland this week and staying at my friends place in Espoo. When coming here with bus from Helsinki, you need to cross a long bridge that connects Lauttasaari island to rest of the Helsinki. The view from that bridge is just amazing! Sea on both sides… Sometimes you see people fishing and it always reminds me my childhood when we use to fish with really simple fishing rod and were afraid to catch a fish, as no-one wanted to take fish out from the hook.  I can’t remember anymore why it was like that, but I don’t think we were only ones thinking like that :)

Did you know that fish leather is stronger than leather from sheep? It is true…  Brand called Viona Blu makes bags and accessories from salmon. Well, the leather of salmon. It takes three weeks to prepare the skin before it can be used for the bags, so it is not taken directly from the plate :)

Sirpa Kalliola, the owner ofter Viona Blu says that fish leather is the soul of the Viona Blu and it is absolutely beautiful material with durability and ecological values.

Viona Blu was introduces in New York fashion week earlier this year, as they had a showroom in there. The photo gallery of the showroom is here.

The Blu Honor Collection idea came from old time glamour, diamonds and champagne glasses...  Here are few pictures from the collection; more colour options can be seen in the Viona Blue online shop.

Clutch and pouch
I must say that the clutches looks really nice! You would not guess from what it is made off... I really the colours she uses! The bright turquoise is just beautiful... If I were to select one piece, I would not go for clutch this time (I know I would have never believed that I use those words...) but rather for the bracelet below. 
Then I just need to get something to wear it with... ;)

Cheers for now,

Please note the pictures belong to Viona Blue.


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