Just few weeks ago we were in a wedding where the bride did not wear traditional wedding dress. She had this beautiful figure hugging 50s dress. It was just below her knees, had short sleeves and heart shape collar. The fabric was polka dot one, white dots on dark blue background. The dress was teamed with red peep toes, red lips and white pearl necklace. She was just stunning!!!  So as I have been looking for a summer dress for myself (no, summer is not over yet!), I thought why not look for a polka dot one and hope to look as stunning as the bride did ;)

My search started from the Facebook page of Finnish brand called Miun. The first Miun collection was launched in 2004 and they are known of their clean and clear design with a romantic touch. They have just released their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection called “Kuuhulluus (Lunacy)” and they do have a polka dot dress in there... Here are few photos of the collection, but if you want to see them all, click here. 
I like the way they use strong colours and especially that red jacket looks really nice! The polka dot dress is also really nice I like the flowing hem... It is just a shame they don’t the collection in their online shop yet...

And did I get that polka dot dress? Well, I got distracted and bought something else instead... 

Sometime back I wrote about Finnish brand called Vietto and I somehow ended up with Vietto stripe dress instead :) It may not be that sexy figure hugging polka dot, but it just makes me feel so happy because of the colours that I couldn't say no to it :)

Cheers for now,

Please note the pictures of A/W 2013 Miun collection belong to Miun and the picture of the Vietto stripe dress belong to Vietto.


11/08/2013 15:14

That striped dress is so cute! I never get tired of stripes, a slight obsession probably!

17/08/2013 08:05

Love the vintage 60's inspired Miun collection. Love polkadots

19/08/2013 14:13

Very Nice Collections . Simple yet quite elegant. This gives a feeling of a vintage look and quite a great set of leggings and dress.

12/07/2015 21:27

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04/02/2017 12:34

this cloth would perfectly fit for office. Strict and shinny simultaneously.


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