We all have dreams. Big dreams, small dreams, dreams that may come true and dreams that will only stay as a dream. Never the less we all have them. And the feeling when one of your dreams come true, is quite amazing, isn't it? That happened to me last night! It was one of the smaller dreams I had, something that I always hoped I could do and seem to be I was in right place, in right time :) And what was it? Well, I happen to be in Finland again and last night one of the Finnish designers had their fashion show for A/W 2013. I have always wanted to see a runway show and there you go now I have seen one! :)

KAKSITVÅ is brand that I have already written before, but because of the show they put up last night, I think they deserve a closer look for their collection. Their collection is called HOT LIFE NOW and it is divided in three different sections. HOT is about statement products, LIFE about easygoing ones and NOW presents this season’s wildest things. The way they styled their runway models reminded me of Louis Vuitton A/W 2013, where they all had the similar (tho little bit shorter) black wig. 

Below you can find some pictures taken from the show directly, rest of the show pictures you can find from here and the official collection pictures from here.

My favourites from the collection are the cardigan, the leather vest (unfortunately no picture of it from the runway), skirt and the black hoodie. And the one with the KAKSITVÅ logo and .... ;)
What do you think about the collection? Anything you like?

Cheers for now,

Please note the pictures from runway show are taken by Tommi Hynynen.
All the pictures belong to KAKSITVÅ.


02/09/2013 19:11

Fantastic collection in amazing colors!
Like especially khaki blouse with black sleeves and striped leggings!<3


08/09/2013 09:10

it's just awesome *_*

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06/07/2015 00:21

They realize that the technology play a cumulative role in our economical society as well they thought if we are still uneducated then we can’t struggle as wells we can’t establish new evolution.

04/02/2017 12:31

Your sweet dreams are made of what? Who am I to disagree?


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