One of my friends is getting married next month and few days ago she had a fitting of her wedding dress. She just looked so beautiful! The dress is just a dream… Can’t wait to see her in her wedding day!

The fitting did remind me of my own wedding dress and those few fittings I had. My dress was done with co-operation with my mom. I had the idea and she made it happen :) It was really simple dress with ¾ sleeves, boat neckline and open back. It is such a beautiful dress that it is shame not to use it again, so sometime back mom suggested cutting the hem just below the knees. The idea is not bad at all I’m just not sure if I’m ready for it yet…  
The Finnish brand JULJA has similar dresses to my wedding dress in their A/W13 collection, so at least I get an idea approx how my dress would look like, if I would have it shortened… JULJA was founded 2012 by three students. Nora Peltoniemi is designer for the brand, while Inka Kiuru and Johanna Hakala handle all the rest of the stuff, like marketing, production etc. So young company full of girl power! Their design is flattering, flirtatious and easy to wear. Made for all different body types… Their first ever ready-to-wear collection is called Premiere. They made a short video to introduce it, and you can see it below.
Below you can find few pictures of the collection, rest of them you can find from here.
I really like the cut of the dresses as well as the colour blocks they use! But my overall favourite was this blouse. 
It looks really elegant, but at same time it is quite sexy, isn’t it?  I would wear something underneath it for sure as it may be a little bit too open for me other vice... ;)

Do you have any favourites?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to JULJA.


08/09/2013 17:48

woow a wedding ! lovely opportunity to get dressed up!

following you now!

23/11/2013 14:44

It was nice read your opinions on our collection. Cheered up our day :)

All the best,



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02/02/2017 12:29

lucky patcher ios

04/02/2017 12:30

pretty good shoot Julja. I'd love to see your smile.


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