Winter is closing in, but luckily we still have some warm autumn days, which gives us time to prepare for the cold! In my earlier blogs, I have mentioned that I am a summer person, mainly because of the warm and the sun, but I guess in a way I like winter too, because it does give you a chance to wear beautiful and warm clothing. I’m huge fan of cashmere, merino and alpaca wool… Or basically anything that keeps me warm! :) Sometime back we had a chat with one of my friends about why Finnish people are always cold and she said it has something to do with the type of body fat we have. I am not talking about the white body fat, but the brown one which is related to your muscles. There was a study about it and it says that: "largest stores of brown fat found in healthy adults, he says, were in Finnish lumberjacks cutting wood north of the Arctic Circle". So basically if you work or live in cold areas, you should have brown fat to keep you warm, but why then most of the Finnish people I know always cold? Could it be because we have got use to really well insulated houses? And we always were really warm things? So body does not then need the brown fat anymore, as the other things keep us warm. From my own side, I can say that since I moved to Germany, I got more use to the cold (because of the way the houses are here) than in Finland. But I think that since I may lack still the brown body fat, I have a perfect excuse to buy more clothing! :) And I found a perfect brand to help me to keep warm!

Finnish brand Kaino (means “coy” in English and it is also a traditional Finnish forename to both men and women) makes some really beautiful cotton/woolen clothing. They introduce themselves being “truly Finnish, meaning practical but beautiful, durable and therefore sustainable and for a reasonable price.” Kaino is quite young brand as it was established in 2010 by two coy and energetic women Sanni ja Niina :) They do everything from first sketches, to colour selections and final knitted products. You can definitely see some girl (woman) power there! ;)

And what do they do? They do almost anything! Below you can find some pictures of their A/W 2013 collection. If you want to see more, you can find them here.
Most of the clothing you can get with different colours and it would be great to see how the tunic below would look like with the brown and pink pattern. 
Sister tunic
Colour options for the tunic
Ok, I must say that the tunic is great with the white and black too. The houndstooth pattern is classic and looks beautiful...

What's your favourite winter time fabric?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Kaino


25/07/2015 12:35

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04/02/2017 12:27

Knitted dress is a great idea for cold weather. Just like we have today. Lots of snow.

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