At the moment I have ten pairs, three pairs of ballerinas, three pairs of pumps, two pairs of sneakers and two pairs of ankle boots. I must admit that they are not enough…. It is too cold for ballerinas and pumps. Too wet for sneakers, so only ones I can wear are the ankle boots and who wants to wear same shoes every second day?! I do have more shoes, but they are in Germany and I’m in Ireland, so have no access to them at the moment. I could of course go and buy more shoes, but then I know that in one month time, I do get all my shoes, so should I really go and buy more? I think yes :)

I was listening an interview (sorry only in Finnish) of the Finnish shoe designer Terhi Pölkki and she said that she has 40 pairs of shoes including rubber boots and sneakers. That is not so many, when you really start to think about it. You can’t wear all of them all the time anyway…

Terhi Pölkki has been showing her shoes in Paris, New York and Stockholm, even though she launched her brand only in 2011. She says that for her the shoes are objects with a story. Terhi’s design embraces Scandinavian minimalism, femininity and practicality (which I think it is really important! It is good to have cools shoes that you can wear more often than once a year). I like the way she combines different types of materials in her shoes.

The water colored cheetah print with modern twist in her A/W 2013-14 collection is made by illustrator Grant Cowan.

Below you can see some of her shoes, if you want to see all of them (also from the earlier collections) you can click here.
It can be as I’m in serious need of new shoes, I found three pairs of shoes that I would not mind to have.
I must admit that the cheetah print is really not for me, even animal prints are big thing now...

So going back to the original question, how many pair of shoes do you have?

Cheers for now,

Please note all the pictures belong to Terhi Pölkki.



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Oh, wow! Thanks so much Julia! :)
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20/09/2017 11:34

To answer your question, I have 13 pairs of shoes. But these are all different types because I believe it is important for all of us to have shoes according to the occasion you will be at. By the way, I love your shoes! Some are very simple, but most of your shoes come with a class! Having a good pair of shoes doesn't mean you are being picky. It is a need nowadays especially in the professional field!

Plus surfing online even more than Three hours today, however i rarely found any fascinating article like yours.

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